Supporting Interior Designers, Decorators, Individuals Renovating or Relocating & Furniture Manufacturers with Unfailing Receiving and Warehousing Services

Point2Point will partner with you when you need an experienced company that has a secure place to warehouse and deliver your items when you are ready for them.


For over two decades, Point2Point has specialized in safely storing, transporting and delivering home goods across a large portion of the State of Texas. We have the capacity to support a wide range of customers and structure our terms around the volume we process on their behalf. In addition to our reliable warehousing and receiving services we also offer furniture repair and restoration to our customers, along with fabric protection services while your goods are stored awaiting final destination delivery.

The Easiest Way to Warehouse & Store Your Items Until You are Ready for Delivery

We are here to help you with your storage and delivery needs until your goods are ready for end-user delivery, your design project is complete or when you are ready to move back into your home.

  • Receiving, inspection and assembly

  • Short and long-term warehousing

  • Scheduling and end-consumer interface on behalf of our designer accounts

  • White-glove delivery

  • Furniture repair and fabric protection services

  • Design project support

  • Complete assembly and installation services

Looking for Reliable Warehousing & Receiving Services in Houston?

Start by contacting Point2Point to ensure your goods are safely received, stored and delivered when it is most convenient for you.


Dependable & Secure Receiving and Warehousing in Greater Houston

Point to Point provides reliable receiving services for various home goods and receives everything from single items orders, entire estates or full trailer loads of freight.

Whether your needs require expert temporary storage that doesn’t involve loading a storage container, long term storage while a home is being built or a renovation project being complete or you have a full load of freight that needs to be housed until ready for end-user delivery, Point2Point can support your warehouse receiving, storage and delivery needs, regardless of the size and scope of the project.

We have sufficient climate-controlled warehouse space with a substantial portion of space dedicated to short-term warehousing for customers who are focused on turning their freight in a timely manner. We also offer medium and long-term warehousing solutions for individual customers, designers, decorators or builders who require a longer holding period.

Warehouse Receiving, Storage & Delivery Services with a White Glove Touch

Our expert team will inspect your freight for damages and make sure it is taken care of until final delivery or installation is scheduled.


To best protect and serve our clients, upon receipt of delivery, all items entering our warehouse go through a multi-point inspection process. We inspect your freight for damages and make sure that your goods are well-cared for until final delivery or installation is scheduled.

  • 50,000+ square-feet of warehouse space

  • Short-term storage for furniture retailers, designers and move customers

  • Long-term storage for consumers

  • Medium-term storage for consumers, designers, home builders and move customers