Our Last Mile Delivery Is Reliable, Safe & Visible Pick Up to Doorstep and Beyond

Your delivery needs to make a good impression with your customers because you only get one chance. If your consumer ends up with bad shipping, delivery or assembly experience, it is more likely you will be left with the bad review, not the carrier. Is your current carrier negatively impacting your ratings and reviews? Point2Point leads the competition in reliability, safety, and visibility with the processes and procedures that we have perfected in order to enhance our partners and their customer’s last mile delivery experience.

When you hire Point2Point we become an extension of your business. If you and your customers expect the best choice in furniture and household goods delivery services, partner with us. Our years of experience, equipment, and proven internal multi-step delivery system ensures your customers receive their merchandise and an extraordinary delivery experience every time, making us the #1 choice in delivery.

We Run Our Final Mile Delivery Operations Smoothly and Efficiently

  • After a purchase is made, you provide us the inbound order information via electronic data interface.

  • Upon receipt, we reconcile shipped items against the Bill of Lading and order information.

  • We inspect boxes and packaging for noticeable damages and notify you accordingly.

  • We rack and store furniture and household goods until delivery.

  • Upon receipt of the order, we contact the end consumer to arrange delivery. We provide the customer with a 4-hour delivery window 24-48 hours prior to delivery and a call 30 minutes before arrival on the day of delivery.

  • All goods are deluxe (pulled, inspected and prepped) 24-48 hours ahead of delivery to ensure items are complete, assembled and in good condition.

  • Our system provides our clients visibility throughout all stages of delivery beginning when we receive each item to when items are scheduled for delivery, deluxed and final end-customer delivery.

  • On the day of delivery your end-customer will be able to track their delivery and receive an up to date ETA.

  • In the unfortunate event we encounter an issue at time of delivery, the issue is documented, and our dedicated after care team works with our customers to provide an expeditious resolution.

Let Point2Point Take Your Home Delivery to the Next Level

As a furniture or household goods retailer, perhaps you have considered taking your home delivery service to the next level. In order to execute your plan, you need to partner with a household goods carrier that is fully experienced to handle a complete, seamless delivery experience from the port to the distribution center and successfully to, and even through, the consumer’s front door. Point2Point is the transportation and delivery partner you can rely on every step of the way.

First-Rate Customer Service

Consumers expect excellent customer service from their retailer and the carrier delivering their goods.  With over 150 years of professional household goods moving experience, we deliver top-notch customer service that leaves a positive impression with your customers.  We provide a 4-hour delivery window within 24-48 hours prior to delivery and a 30-minute call notification on delivery day.

*Is your current carrier offering your customers a first-rate customer service experience?

Enhanced Visibility

Our system provides visibility to our customers through each stage of the process.  Once a customer completes an online purchase they expect to know when their item will ship.  Providing your customer with shipping information gives them peace of mind. We utilize the #1 software in the industry to optimize delivery operations and enhance customer communication by providing visibility to the end-customer on day of delivery.  

*Are your customers receiving day of delivery shipping visibility?

Smooth & Efficient Operations

We ensure that your freight is delivered as smoothly and efficiently as possible by utilizing software that allows you to provide us inbound order information via electronic data interface as well as offering route optimization to minimize scheduling delays.  We communicate and update scheduling delivery and completion of delivery. Our premium late model fleet is routinely maintained to proactively prevent transportation delays.

*Is your current carrier utilizing top rated software for seamless delivery operations?

Quality Freight Management

From pickup to final delivery, we coordinate the entire transportation and logistics process.  Our goal is safe and reliable transportation of goods so that it reaches your customer as soon as possible in the exact condition it left your warehouse.  We also offer receiving & warehousing services and can store a single item or a full truckload (FTL) of freight.

*Does your current carrier offer receiving, warehousing and furniture assembly services?

Point2Point is Houston’s Leader in Last-Mile Logistics

Our post-delivery customer service solutions for your consumers enable them to feel good about their experience even when there are incorrect items ordered. We remain engaged with the consumer and you to ensure the customer is well taken care of and satisfied.

Let Our Great Team Make Your Deliveries

Our Efficient Step 1 Cross-Dock Process Saves You Time and Money

Our well-organized step 1 cross-dock process allows us to efficiently unload inbound freight and reload the freight directly into outbound trucks with little to no storage in between, ultimately saving you time and money.  We work closely with our clients to ensure we receive timely order information and upload the order into our system with an ETA to our dock. Upon receiving the goods to our warehouse our system is updated and our customers are notified of receipt of freight.  Any discrepancies are resolved with our proficient receiving team. Once the goods arrive at our dock, rely on Point2Point’s system to manage the order through each stage of the process until a successful final mile delivery to the end customer is complete.

Let Point2Point Complete the Last Mile for You

Our last mile delivery process and procedure is implemented by a professional staff that brings over 150 years of experience, top rated software that allows us to run our delivery operations smoothly and efficiently, a premium fleet of late model trucks that are well-maintained and able to handle FTL capacity and a group of highly-trained professionals that work to execute a safe, efficient, quick delivery.  You and your customers can count on our final mile delivery services.

Manufacturers – When you partner with P2P for your transportation and delivery needs, you can confidently focus on crafting quality furniture while leaving reliable consumer delivery to our professionally trained and skilled team.

E-commerce – The internet has revolutionized the way we do business, and the modern day consumer expects a quick, quality delivery with excellent communication and tracking.  From your warehouse to your consumer, we take pride in excellent customer service.

Designers – You can guarantee your clients will receive the best delivery experience when you team up with P2P to handle your delivery needs.  We are here to give your clients an amazing delivery experience while you stay focused on giving them amazing design results.

Furniture Carriers – When you need a dependable furniture delivery partner that you can rely on to slide seamlessly into the driver’s seat to complete your final mile deliveries safely, efficiently and timely, P2P will deliver your goods and extend top-notch customer service.

You Have Options When You Partner with Point2Point for Your Final Mile Deliveries

Your customers can choose from a variety of specialty delivery options, including:

  • Room of Choice Delivery – We will deliver to a specific room inside your delivery location.

  • Threshold Delivery – Goods are delivered to the front door or available dry area.

  • White Glove Delivery – Our team will unpack your goods in a specific room, placing it exactly where you would like and remove all packing and shipping materials.

*Does your current carrier offer a variety of delivery options that allows you to meet the modern day consumer’s needs and expectations?